How to extend the life of your Refrigerator

Correct transportation

The life of a refrigerator in the home begins with proper transportation. Basic Rules:

  • the refrigerator must not be moved horizontally
  • the inner shelves must be removed
  • doors – seal with tape
  • compressor – if visible – secure.

Proper installation

The second step is to install the refrigerator correctly. The main thing is that it is even, in level, it is possible with a slight tilt back, so that the door fits more tightly under its own weight; a short distance from the wall. The refrigerator must not be placed next to (less than 50 cm) with heating and heating devices, stove, oven, microwave, etc.

Washing and defrosting

Regular care and proper defrosting (the second is not required only for models with an automatic defrosting No Frost system). It is necessary to wash the refrigerator at least once every three months, and preferably more often. Do not use aggressive detergents and abrasives. In refrigerators with a “crying wall”, you need to keep this very wall clean, because otherwise the water drain at the bottom of it can get clogged. In the event of a blockage of the drain, it is carefully cleaned either with a special device, or with something mild and flexible, for example, a cocktail tube.

Heat losses prevention

Do not put warm and hot food in the refrigerator. In general, heat losses in the chambers should be prevented in every possible way, because this gives an additional load to the compressor and, accordingly, it will run out of its resource faster.

Take care of the seal and open the door by the handle

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the door seal, especially if the air in the house is dry. If the seal fails, heat loss and increased compressor load are guaranteed. Firstly, you must not open the door using the handle. If not by the handle, then by the seal, and it will surely be damaged over time. Secondly, the seal material tends to dry out and lose elasticity, so once a year it must be lubricated with silicone grease.

General recommendations

There are often electrical boards at the top of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is categorically impossible to arrange a “warehouse” of newspapers, magazines, books on the refrigerator so that the upper part does not overheat.

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How to extend the life of your Microwave  Repair

Appliance repair

It is not recommended to turn on an empty microwave oven as it may be damaged. For the same reason, food weighing less than 200g should not be put into the oven. If you need to reheat a sandwich or a small portion of food, put a glass of water with it in the oven. If the volume of your oven is less than 24 liters, then it is not recommended to put food weighing more than 4 kg in it.

The door of the microwave oven should be kept closed at all times; it does not require ventilation. Make sure that the door fits snugly against the body. Do not allow depressurization.

You should not cook food for longer than the instructions require. In the worst case, this can lead to a fire.

Do not use the oven to sterilize empty jars and dry dishes, cook eggs in shells, or reheat food in tightly closed containers. Before cooking, it is necessary to pierce the shell of sausages, pierce the peel of potatoes, apples and pierce the yolks of eggs. Otherwise, they will simply “explode”, after which your oven will look pretty bad.

The microwave is not suitable for preparing first courses. Firstly, it takes no less time than using a stove. Secondly, a large amount of liquid creates additional moisture in the chamber, which negatively affects the further operation of the oven.

By following these guidelines, you can extend the life of your microwave oven. It won’t take long to follow simple rules. In return, you get many years of flawless performance.

How to extend the life of your Freezer

Our well-experienced and trained technicians differentiate the most common mistakes in freezer or freezing equipment operation.

Storing food in the freezer

Do not overload the freezer with a large amount of any food, beverage, medicals, etc.  

The appliance should have enough space for the air circulation.

Place food, meat, beverages or anything you need in the freezer evenly, leaving free space between them and the walls of the freezer. If this is not done, the cooling efficiency decreases.


  Position of the temperature regulator in the freezer

The temperature regulator must be set to the middle position. If there are 6 divisions on the handle, then you need to set it to 2-3. This will reduce the time of continuous operation of the compressor, thereby increasing its resource.

  “Fast freeze” mode

Do not leave this mode on for a long time. If you have turned on this mode, then do not forget to turn it off after a few hours.

A permanently active fast freeze mode will lead to overheating of the compressor and its failure.

  Turning the refrigerator on and off

You cannot turn on the refrigerator immediately after it has been disconnected from the network. You need to wait a while (10-15 minutes) and only then turn it on.

For example, you need to vacuum behind the refrigerator/freezer. You turned it off, moved it away, cleaned it up, and put it back in place. The whole procedure took 5 minutes. After that, you need to wait another 5-10 minutes, and then you can turn it on.

If the refrigerator has been turned off for a long time, then it is not necessary to fill it with food immediately after turning it on. Let it run empty for a while and get cold. Then you can put food in.

  Cleaning the condenser

This is the back of the refrigerator. It is necessary to periodically move the refrigerator and clean the condenser grid from dust and dirt. This procedure improves the heat transfer between the refrigerator and the environment.

At the same time, the efficiency of the refrigeration unit increases, and the power consumption decreases. If this procedure is carried out regularly, it is possible to significantly increase the service life of the unit.

And the most important advice from our specialists is to pay attention to the work of your freezer or freezing equipment. If you noticed some unusual noise or any other strange in its operation, do not try to fix it by your own. Just give a call to Best Appliance Repair Goleta professional and punctual staff to safe your freezer from further damages.

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How to extend the life of your Washer

Nowadays, the washing machine is the main assistant of every housewife. It is difficult to imagine a comfortable life without that “assistant”. But improper use, hard water, and inappropriate washing powder – all these can significantly shorten the life of the washing machine. On the other hand these unfavorable factors can be easily resisted. And if you follow some useful advises from our experts, you can extend the life of your washing machine by at least 15 years.

Correct installation

In the process of washing, almost all washing machines vibrate. These vibrations become especially noticeable during spinning. It is these jumps that are the main reason that the components fail prematurely. This is true both for compact “washers” and for full-sized ones.

One of the reasons the washing machine vibrates is because the floor is uneven. To prevent the negative effects of vibration, select the most level and rigid surface for the installation of the clipper. It will not be superfluous to even use the level for these purposes. If tiles are used as flooring in your bathroom, then place a thick rubber mat under the typewriter – it will also dampen vibrations. If desired, instead of a rug, you can use rubber pads for the legs of the product, which are sold in all specialized stores.

Check pockets, fasten zips and unfasten buttons on laundry before washing

Be sure to put the items that you will wash in the appropriate order. This will not only preserve their appearance, but also protect the drum from unwanted damage.

  • All those things, of which you are not sure of the quality, put in special bags for washing. There should also be down jackets, from which feathers can crawl out, and nap products, including knitted sweaters and terry towels.
  • Also put small items in a separate bag, as they can get caught in the gap between the drum and the tank of the machine.
  • If you need to wash items that are contaminated by oily products or solutions, air dry them first.
  • Be sure to remove all of the contents of your pockets. There are often cases when even smartphones or other small gadgets get inside the washing machine.
  • Zippers, buttons must be fastened, but it is advisable to unfasten buttons.
  • Turn the trousers inside out. Bedding items too.


Do not overload the drum

When it comes to maximum load, it does not mean tamped cotton items. The fact is that down products and jackets on padding polyester, terry and woolen things absorb a lot of water, as a result of which they become very heavy. Therefore, one large terry towel, for example, will match a complete set of bedding. And you must remember this, taking into account the parameters of your washing machine. After all, there are devices designed for 4 kg or less, and there are those that hold more than 7 kg.

When filling the drum, try to adhere to this rule – when washing laundry, load it 100 percent, when washing synthetics by half, and when working with wool, load it by a third. And also try to combine large and small things – this will have a positive effect on the operation of the washing machine.

Use detergents correctly

If you want your “washing machine” to last as long as possible, then take a responsible approach to the choice of washing powder. It is important that it be labeled “automatic”, as such detergents are usually added to formulations to reduce foaming. But powders for hand washing usually give too much foam, which negatively affects the performance of the household appliance. If we talk about the amount of detergent used, then in this situation it no longer means good. In the instructions for the washing machine, you have the minimum and maximum values ​​for the permissible amount of powder.

Prevention of mud and scale

Water softener is not the only answer to the question of how to prevent lime scale in the washing machine. For example, you can also use laundry detergent that contains special additives.

It is also advisable to closely monitor compliance with the temperature regime. With a good detergent, any dirt will be removed from things at 40-60 degrees. Therefore, it makes no sense to use too hot water. Moreover, it will contribute to the appearance of scale.


Appliance repair
Appliance repair
Appliance repair

Here are some tips from our experts to extend the life of your oven

The long-term service of the oven is 80% dependent on proper care. Timely and high-quality cleansing affects the taste of the dishes being prepared. What can I do to extend the life of my oven? This is the main question that worries many housewives. Our professional speacialists figured it out and are ready to share our secrets with you.

Proper operation of the oven

We figured out how to increase the life of the oven by regularly cleaning it. Below are recommendations for its operation:

  • Do not use the oven to store any objects or utensils. This can damage the interior coating of the appliance. Moreover, after turning on the device, internal objects can be forgotten, which is fraught with the creation of a fire hazard;
  • Do not use steam spray to clean the oven. This can lead to damage and failure of electrical parts;
  • Do not sit, stand or place heavy objects on the open door;
  • Monitor the condition of the rubber bands and gaskets. Replace them in a timely manner with the assistance of professionals to extend the life of the oven.

And in conclusion, it must be emphasized that the oven should be used only for its intended purpose, you should not heat the room with it or use it in any other way with the door not closed tightly. Let the kitchen appliance serve you for many years and delight you with the opportunity to prepare delicious and varied dishes.




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