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It is almost impossible to imagine our everyday routine without such a useful and time saving devices, like dryers. These laundry room helpers allow us to wear our favorite clothes clean and dry the whole year. Even a small malfunction can bring to a total breakage if it is not fixed right at the beginning. In order to escape from serious malfunctions or breakages of your appliance and prolong its life, just address to high-qualified professional team. It will allow to save time, money and your device.  

Appliance repair

You will agree that being able to dry your laundry immediately after washing has many advantages. Firstly, your balcony or laundry room will finally be free of ropes and wet clothes decorations. Secondly, there is no need to wait several hours for the clothes to dry. Thirdly, dust from the street does not sit on it and unpleasant odors, for example, from cigarettes, do not eat in. Many models of dryers can save the owner from even the need to iron clothes – they can be immediately put in the closet.

A tumble dryer is especially useful for families with small children, where a large amount of laundry has to be washed and dried every day. Some models can decontaminate clothes with steam, which is very important for children’s clothes.

The dryer can be used for other purposes as well. For example, to freshen up everyday clothes when you do not need to wash them. The device can clean soft toys that accumulate a large amount of dust, fluff pillows or gently dry shoes.

How do tumble dryers work?

The principle of operation of the dryer is the same as that of the washing machine, only in it instead of water, the laundry is processed with heated air. The evaporated moisture condenses and is discharged in a variety of ways, which we will discuss below.

They have almost the same body, control panel, hatch and drum. The drum dryer has a very large volume (from 80 liters) to dry enough laundry at a time. You can load up to 8-9 kg of wet clothes into them. If you have a washer with a 5-6 kg load, choose a tumble dryer with the maximum capacity to dry all your laundry in one go. Keep in mind that wet clothes are heavier than dry ones.

The dryer does not need to spin the drum too much, so its speed rarely exceeds 100 rpm. Modern dryers have several programs for drying laundry. At intensive, it dries for less than an hour with very hot air, however, some fabrics may shrink after that. A gentle mode is intended for them, which takes much longer.

The “Hand Iron” program leaves items slightly damp, making them easier to iron. By turning on the “In the closet” mode, you will get dry clothes that can be immediately put away for storage. Timed drying is used when the garment only needs to be slightly dried. When you turn on the “By type of fabric” mode, the machine automatically sets the desired time and temperature depending on the type of material.

Appliance repair
Appliance repair

Drying types
There are two types of tumble dryers – tumble dryers and tumble dryers. Drum dryers are the most popular because they do not take up much space in the apartment. They can be installed next to the washer. There are other types of dryers that are not as popular. These are drying cabinets. They are quite large: height 175 cm, and width and depth 60-65 cm. But you can dry only 3-4 kg of linen in such a cabinet. Its main advantage is that clothes are hung on hangers, like in an ordinary wardrobe, and in this position they are blown with warm air. It does not deform and is not damaged due to friction against the drum. In the closet, you can safely dry delicate items, underwear, hats, shoes.

Our experts mentioned the most common malfunctions.

Unfortunately, even the most high-quality household appliances can break down and dryers are no exception. Here the matter may not even be in low-quality spare parts, but in an impressive service life. Yes, with proper operation, “dryers” will last a very long time. But still, the main damage can be attributed to the drive belt, which, as a rule, fails and requires replacement. Although, in addition to it, there is a possibility of breakage of the drum supporting mechanism, as well as clogging with pile from the tissues of some rotating mechanisms. Frequent surges in voltage or load of laundry that exceed the permissible norm also play a huge impetus for the breakdown of drying machines. Of course, no one will repair dryers at home on their own. Therefore, our company is the first to come to the rescue. Our highly qualified specialists will cope with any, even very complex, breakdown. Our company is the owner of all the spare parts of famous brands. All these will significantly reduce the repair time. And any owner of the “dryer” can be sure that the diagnostics by our company will be made in a possibly short time using modern tools and devices.

With “Best Appliance Repair Goleta” you will escape high energy bills, sudden and inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues by scheduling not only an urgent repair, but also regular professional maintenance! Our well-experienced, family-friendly, dedicated technicians can handle the repair and maintenance of dryer of almost all brands and models.

Appliance repair
Appliance repair

 Brands We Commonly Service:

  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • GE

Dryer Repair Parts that Best Appliance Repair Goleta can provide:

  • Thermostats
  • Timers
  • Motors
  • Heating coils
  • Belts
  • Rollers
  • Idler pulleys
  • Temperature switches
  • Fuses
  • Switches

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