Microwave Repair Service

Our company repairs any brands and models of microwaves.

Now you do not need to give up comfort and heated food for a long time. Indeed, in case of any malfunction or even a breakdown, you just need to call our reliable service. At a convenient time for you, our professional technicians will arrive, make diagnostics and fix the breakdown on the spot. In case of a serious breakdown, we will take it to the service.

90% of breakdowns of microwave ovens can be repaired without transportation to the service, but even if this is required, we will do everything for you. We will deliver back after repair in a possible short time.

If you need to replace defective parts, be sure that we will replace them with original and high-quality parts that will serve you for a very long time!

That’s just some reasons you may need to contact us:

  • Microwave does not heating;
  • Display does not working;
  • Sparking or arcing;
  • Door won’t open;
  • Light not working;
  • Microwave shuts off after a few seconds;
  • Turntable not turning
  • Microwave turns on/off by itself

In these or many other cases, please, do not try to fix the malfunction alone, it is not only unsafe, but also may bring to more serious malfunction. Just call our experienced and competent team.

Appliance repair
Appliance repair
Appliance repair

Contacts Us:

Phone :(805)695 4555                                E.mail:appliancerepairgoleta@gmail.com

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Goleta and Santa Barbara and nearby areas