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It is not a secret, that cooking appliances, such as oven, stove, range or cooktop are the most important devices in the kitchen. They not only help to cook, back or make any other food, but also make our life more comfortable and the kitchen rooms more attractive. Even an unserious malfunction can get out of order your favorite kitchen appliance. If you faced such an unpleasant situation, like oven or stove breakage, just address to trustworthy repair service Best Appliance Repair Goleta.

We repair all brands and types of electric and gas ovens, stoves, and ranges. Call (805)695 4555 or easily schedule an appointment online.   

If you noticed any issue in operation of your ovens, ranges, or stoves, do not hesitate to contact the high qualified repair technicians of Best Appliance Repair Goleta!Save time and money with our professional Service!

Appliance repair
Appliance repair

Everyone knows that even the most reliable device, after a long exploitation, may break down. The kitchen appliances, like ovens, stoves, ranges and cooktops are not the exception and an urgent repair is required. In such cases just give our professional team and us a call will fix the malfunction quickly, efficiently and by reasonable pricing. Our experienced technicians differentiate the most common malfunction you should pay attention on, as it is easier to prevent serious malfunction or even the breakdown, if the repair was done early and by the professional technician.

The oven does not heat well

Food is not baked or half cooked (one side). With such symptoms, first of all, you need to pay attention to the work of heating elements. In the absence of a pyrometer, at a knowingly cooled oven, lean your palm against the bottom of the chamber and turn on the oven, if heating is not felt, then a faulty lower heating element is the reason for the insufficient temperature.

The oven does not heat up

 Does not heat up at all, while the light in the oven comes on.


Appliance repair
Appliance repair

Does not work at all

The oven does not work completely, that is, it does not show any signs (the light is off, the timer does not show the time, there are no extraneous sounds, etc.). The most common reasons: the machine is turned off, the wire melted and shorted, damage to the terminal box.

Noises or squeaks

This problem is often related to failures within the control or protection system. For example, the control panel cooling fan may make noise, as the temperature sensor gives incorrect readings and air constantly blows between the door and the handles. Squeaking or buzzing is often emitted by timers, since they include a speaker, which may indicate a malfunction of this part.


Foreign smell

When it stinks or smoke comes out. A very common complaint from users who rarely use the oven. If the oven is used only on holidays or has been idle for several years, then dust settles on the upper and lower heating elements, as well as the inner surfaces of the oven chamber. When trying to use the oven, you may initially experience an unpleasant smell and smoke. This problem does not require a wizard call and goes away on its own. When you smell a burning (burnt wire, plastic) – urgently contact a specialist, as this is a sign of the wire or terminals being melted!

In case of any breakage or a malfunction, we strongly recommend you to address to experienced and professional technicians of “Best Appliance Repair Goleta”.  As a result, this will help to avoid damages that are more serious, will cost much more profitable than non-professional intervention. For consultation and, scheduling an appointment or just visit of our technicians call by 805 695 4555.

Appliance repair

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