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Today, we cannot imagine our routine without such assistants as washing machine or any other household appliance. Even the most expensive or the best brand washer may broke down due to improper exploitation or any other circumstances. If your washer has suddenly broken down, or you noticed any other serious malfunction, Best Appliance Repair Goleta is the best solution for you. The Service is one of the leading companies providing top-level repair services of household appliances repair of almost all brands, types and models, including Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, Bosch, and Electrolux. We work not only with individuals, but also with commercials. Our well-experienced and skilled technicians can fix the malfunction of any complexity. The punctual and friendly specialists will come at any time convenient for you, implement a detailed diagnostic of the device, and fix any damage.  


Appliance repair

Common washing machine problems

Specialists of “Best Appliance Repair Goleta” household appliances repair service repair dozens of washing machines every day, and often face the same breakdowns that are typical. Knowing what these malfunctions are, and what causes they are provoked, you can prevent them, than extend the life of your washing machine.

 Water does not heat up

  • Failure of the heating element and in 90% of cases the problem lies precisely in this. Technicians note that the heating element fails faster for those who prefer to wash at high temperatures and use boiling;
  • Open circuit of the heating element power supply;
  • Less often the cause of this breakdown is a malfunction of the sensors or a problem with the control unit.

Repairing the washing machine in all these cases is highly not recommended to carry out on your own – you need to contact a specialist.

Water does not flow into the washing machine

  • faulty inlet valve, which often occurs due to blockage of the mesh, which is located in front of the inlet valve.
  • A malfunction of the control unit can also cause this breakdown, but these are very rare cases;


Water appears under the washing machine

  • Hose leaks, and this is one of the most common reasons;
  • Leakage from the dispenser. The dispenser can leak, and for several reasons. Firstly, powder residues can accumulate there, which harden and block the normal movement of water. Secondly, the dispenser can be filled with excess powder. In both cases, the water supplied under high pressure may not have time to leave the dispenser, because of which it flows through the slots.
  • Leakage of the cuff of the hatch provokes the flow of water from the door.
  • Tank leakage is already a more serious problem and will have to be completely replaced. Often, the tank starts to leak due to impressive metal parts in the machine;
  • The type of laundry, its material can also cause leaks. Often, users notice water under the washing machine when washing the curtains. They have such a structure that they do not absorb water at all, but they strongly whip the powder into foam, which can seep out through the technological holes.


Washing machine does not drain water

  • Clogged filter. When washing the laundry, small particles of lint and thread are detached from it, which can gradually accumulate on the filter of the drain pump. At first, the water may drain a little more slowly, and then completely stop. Regular cleaning of the filter can prevent the problem;
  • The drain system from the tank to the filter of the drain pump may become clogged. This happens when old rugs and other things are washed in the machine, from which rather large particles can fall off during washing, clogging the drainpipes;
  • failure of the drain pump is a more serious problem that can be triggered either by its wear or by a clogged filter.


The drum does not rotate or there is no spin

The most serious cause of drum spinning problems is motor failure. During washing, the most serious loads are imposed on him, because he rotates the drum with kilograms of laundry and maintains a high rotation speed of the drum during spinning. It gets very hot during operation, so it takes some time for it to cool down. Usually, this does not cause any problems, but if you do several washes in a row, then the motor may overheat, which will provoke a short circuit, and after that the motor is easier to replace than to make complex repairs. That is why it is recommended to take breaks between washings for 1 hour.

Appliance repair

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